Saturday, November 15, 2008



From the America's Most Wanted site:

"Since her expertly-executed prison escape on August 4, 2008, officials have been hot on the trail of Sarah Pender. Now, after a few short months on the lam, U.S. Marshals Service officials have turned up the heat on Pender, and made her the newest addition to their notorious 15 Most Wanted Fugitives List."

I have no idea why I'm posting this. She's the most wanted woman in America. She escaped from prison and they can't find her. Good for her. Dirty ass punk ass bitch ass police.

Plus, she's a red head.


Ravi Mangla said...

Amen. I think we're all tired of men bogarting the MWL. Go feminist movement!

DOGZPLOT said...

you're a good man, ravi

hobart said...

I wonder how frequently a female is on the MWL. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...


Everyone makes horrible mistakes in their 20's. No one should have to pay a lifetime.

I hope she is surrounded by the love and compassion of good women. I hope she is feeling the rain and the wind on her face, listening to good music, and keeping her head together.

I hope she disappears from history, goes and lives in some foreign country, and never sets foot in this country again.

The prison system is fucked. Making people into dogs who live in cages all their lives.

There are VERY FEW people who are beyond redemption.

If you go to the Indiana DOC inmate locator, search under Sarah Pender's name, it reads: Escaped.

Good for her!

Brilliant Sarah.

I am filled with love for you.

God bless you.

My prayers are WITH you and with Jamie Long. Jamie's actions were the most unselfish display of taking a STAND for someone that I have possibly ever seen.

People could take a lesson from this kind of love and loyalty.

Stay free.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any information about the original double murder, or her boyfriend during that time? I cant find much information about it except the basics... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The system is so half ass, that they pre-judge WITHOUT the facts!I would of done the same thing Sara did if I were in her shoes-She didn't kill those 2 people, and gets 110 total years!!!!That's just KRAZEE!!!!I would NEVER settle for that-We are ALL human beings-Badge or no badge...Judge or no judge...we are all HUMAN, and the only one to determine punishments is the man upstairs!!!!! You RUN Sara if you are out there.....God Bless to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

She's hot.

Unknown said...

She killed them and you know it quit protecting a killer and a escape artist

Unknown said...

It wasn't a mistake she did what she did she's a killer