Sunday, November 30, 2008


The oldest independent bookstore in Philly is calling it quits after 73 years. Too bad. This is from their site:



After 73 years ROBIN'S BOOK STORE, Philadelphia's oldest independent book seller, is about to: expire, perish, pass away, be taken, resign our being, end our days, breathe our last, depart this life, be no more, pop off, give up the ghost, pay our debt to nature, shuffle off this mortal coil, go the way of all flesh, hand in our chips, come to dust, cross the Stygian ferry, go to Davy Jones' locker, go out like the snuff of a candle, come to an untimely end, catch our death, go off the hooks, kick the bucket, buy the farm, hop the twig, turn up our toes. Operating a book store was always a better hobby than a way to make a living, but now it is impossible. Blame it on the Economy. Blame it on the Chain Stores. Blame it on the Internet. Blame it on Reading Habits.

In the meantime, on November 24 all new books and calendars in stock will go on sale at 20% off, and the sale discount will increase 5% each week until January 5 when it will reach 50%. The discount will remain at 50% until we close on January 31, 2009."


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