Saturday, November 22, 2008


Very cool. I didn't even know this was going down.

This from MICAH ZEVIN:

"Dogzplot is an amalgam of eclectic and varying styles of literary excellence publishing fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, artwork, opinion pieces, poetry and even photos (which are requested to be works that are not necessarily “good” or polished as polished can be, but works that will “blow our fucking minds”). When you read this journal, you will quickly realize that it is an energetic environment where the humorous and the serious artwork, writing and photography can coexist with the ironic, sardonic and satirical pieces that dominate this daring journal. And you may not know where the bones are buried in this unique universe, but rest assured you are one happy dog."

They also made mention of:

Stephanie Johnson - Dirty Laundromat
John Biando - Twenty-five Ways of Looking at Jeff Parker's Balls
Sam Pink - Advice Column

Very cool. Thanks a lot folks. Read the review in it's entirety here:

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