Monday, August 18, 2008


Check this out. Just read it today on Bore Parade. It is a diaryish thing by Kendra Grant Malone, LOVE YOUR FRIENDS AND NOT YOUR LOVERS.

Small excerpt:

"Last night I was irritable. I had wanted to see Jakub earlier in the day and he wasn’t free until 11pm. I need to be more frank with him about my dislike for staying up all night. So, I had a couple of drinks with Nicole on the couch and bitched about feeling impatient. When I left I felt riddled with second thoughts about Jakub and an unanswerable irritation towards the idea of being in love. Coupled with those feelings I felt a very tiny despair growing and when the train came I felt like running off and finding a small dark damp place to sit and listen to music and be alone.

By the time I was at Jaukub’s door and I heard his voice I was completely washed of those strange feelings I had on my way over. When he opened the door I felt happy and calm. The evening was a quiet one. We just watched movies and giggled, ate ice cream, kissed a lot, fooled around and went to bed in each other’s arms. I’m not sure what I was a mess about on the train. It was the same vague abstractions I have used in the past to talk myself out of being happy with someone.

Jakub cums a lot. It shoots very far and hard as well. This is very sexy. There is nothing worse than when you want someone to cum on you and you get this runny little drip. It makes me feel really beautiful the way he explodes all over me. After he came on my face he was immediately very worried and concerned and apologetic. He says he doesn’t just want to push my boundaries. I tried to calmly and patiently explain to him that my boundaries are far and that I will be vocal about crossing them."

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