Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Best of the Web 2008 Invades the Internet

As the Best of the Web series celebrates online publishing, we thought an online invasion of information was necessary and found many literary bloggers that felt the same way we did. The following links are mainly to guest posts from authors whose work is included in Best of the Web 2008.

You can now hear five of the authors reading the works that they have included in Best of the Web 2008 at the new Dzanc multimedia page!

Large Hearted Boy has a Book Notes up dedicated to the anthology!

The Elegant Variation has a series of posts up from Zachary Amendt.

Okey Ndibe writes about his essay over at the Visiting Hours blog.

Matt Bell has a post up from Ron Tanner.

New Hampshire's The Mumpsimus has a series of posts (combined into one) from Myfanwy Collins.

The Written Nerd was kind enough to come out of an August blogging hiatus to post writing from Sarah Sweeney!

Writing from Benjamin Buchholz can be found both at LitKicks and the Emerging Writers Network.

Maine's own Condalmo has an essay from Maine's own Jacques Rancourt.

Robin Behn's essay about her BotW essay can be found at Syntax of Things.

Fernham has the first of a trio of posts from Michael Bahler up already - keep checking throughout the afternoon for the other two!

Some other sites to look to later in the day include Seth Harwood's blog,'s blog, Critical Mass, and No One Does That as they all also have posts at the ready.

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