Friday, August 22, 2008




Anonymous said...

Nirvana is still the best band ever. I'll never be too old to listen to them....they're our Pink Floyd/The Doors/Aerosmith.

Drew Kalbach said...

20 feels old to me.

i really, really hope nirvana is not the pink floyd of my generation. maybe i'm too young to be counted as part of that generation, i don't know.

i'm rooting for hannah montana.

Anonymous said...


you are what is know as a GENERATION X wanna-be. really nothing before or after will ever contain us. we are too big. we are legend.

you GENERATION.COM ers can listen to hannah montana and play your computer games and pretend that wii is better than super nintendo and john cena is better than hulk hogan and lil wayne is better than tupac but we all know better. so do you.

crazy kids.

- bg

Dan Wickett said...

Mr. Graham,

I cannot believe you are pounding on Mr. Kalbach for such beliefs when it's clear your generation does the same thing - believing Super Nintendo superior to Intellivision and that Hulk Hogan is better than, well, Hulk Hogan, or that Tupac can even see the pedestal that Run DMC is on.

Though I fully support your thrashing him about for his legion to Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers and anybody else from Disney or Nickelodeon that my two youngest are subjecting me to these days.

All that said, much appreciation for your posting these two videos.

Anonymous said...


i'm just giving drew a hard time.

intellivision over super nintendo? come on now. super mario brothers. legend of zelda. intellivision isnt on that level.

and run dmc over tupac?
"its tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme thats right on time, its tricky." what does that even mean? run dmc couldnt carry tupac's balls. i'll make you a greatest hits cd.

i will give you the old hulk hogan over the new hulk hogan. the 80's i am a real american, beating up on the iron shiek hulk hogan is far superior to the 90's hollywood wcw version of the hulkster. i'll give you that one.

regardless of your disillusioned sense of the 90's superiority, you're still the man.

- barry