Thursday, November 5, 2009


Thanks very much to MARC SCHUSTER for reviewing the 2009 DOGZPLOT ANTHOLOGY over at SMALL PRESS REVIEWS. Here's a little something something from the review:

"My favorite piece in the collection is “Dead Ringer” by Ravi Mangla. Its premise is that the narrator has discovered a perfect double for his dead father walking the aisles of a Sam’s Club. Needless to say, wacky highjinks involving a sort-of blind date with the narrator’s mother ensue, and the result is a twisted window into middle-American family values.:

Read the rest here:

Also, check out MICHAEL KIMBALL's interview with BEN TANZER. Here's a piece:

Michael Kimball: Why are you so funny?

Ben Tanzer: The easy answer is that somewhere not so deep inside of me is a clown who just cannot stop crying. That said, assuming you’re correct, and my children are not, I’m sure it is some combination of being a male of a certain age; growing-up on John Hughes movies, The Jerk, Stripes, Animal House, Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip and Raw; watching Benny Hill and Saturday Night Live; reading MAD Magazine and National Lampoon; being Jewish, and from New York, with a father who idealized Lenny Bruce, I also think that I decided early on that humor could be disarming and distracting, useful for avoiding hard conversations and a great tool for not dealing with things you do not want to deal with. So, all of this, and whatever damage was caused at birth when I had to be delivered via forceps.

Here it is in its entirety. MOST VIOLENCE IS INTIMATE:

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