Friday, November 13, 2009


Thanks very much to JASON BEHRENDS for mentioning the DOGZPLOT 2009 anthology over at WHAT TO WEAR DURING AN ORANGE ALERT. And thanks very much Jason for not only generously supporting DOGZPLOT but for being a champion of indie lit as a whole. Thanks for the excellence.

Here's a bit of what he said:

"If I were to force myself to create a list of my 20 favorite small press writer's of 2009 many of them could be found in this collection. From Rusty Barnes to Jamie Iredell to Molly Gaudry to Sam Pink to xTx to Spencer Dew, this collection is overflowing with talent and creativity. Even the cover is done by an artist that I have had much respect for and interaction with this year Christy Call. This collection of flash fiction works well as a time capsule that perfectly represents on-line lit in 2009."

Read it all here:

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