Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This issue, as always, contains many great pieces of flash fiction from many great writers.

But it also includes a goodbye letter from SLQ's long time Lead Editor, RANDALL BROWN, who is passing on his duties to take over the reigns as Program Director for the Creative Writing MFA at ROSEMONT COLLEGE in Philadelphia. So, congrats Mr. Brown.

Here's a few words on Randall from the SLQ big dogg, DAVE CLAPPER:

"Although it's seemed like a slow process, the gains flash fiction has made among "serious" literary circles over the past five years are enormous. That a writer who specialized in flash would be asked to run an MFA program five years ago was probably unthinkable. And yet here we are. That Randall is the person who should have achieved that position seems obvious. Rosemont College may not realize what an incredible hire they've made just yet. If they don't, they will soon. They've taken the first step toward putting a little-known school on the map, toward making Rosemont the place writing students think of first when they realize they want to pursue the wildly growing form of flash fiction. I can't wait to start reading submissions here from the graduates who emerge from that program."


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