Tuesday, September 29, 2009


mud luscious / ml press is happy to bring you new words:

issue nine is livid & kicking, featuring the work of kate wyer, peter schwartz, christina farella, meg pokrass, bradley sands, mel bosworth, andrea deangelis, zachary tyler vickers, cortney mclellan, richard osgood, david peak, roxane gay, gregory sherl, steven j. mcdermott, & kimberly e. ruth & reviews of ANTHEM by c. l. bledsoe, DAYS OF DESTRUCTION by gary beck, & BIG AMERICAN TRIP by christian peet.

read it all here (www.aboutjatyler.com/index_files/Page474.html)

& the oct. chapbook trio is available now: get MORE INTRODUCTIONS TO A BOOK I WILL NEVER FINISH by mark baumer, I AM RICHARD SIMMONS by ben tanzer, & BOOTS WALKING IN AMERICA FOUND A TROPHY by krammer abrahams, each for only $3.

get one or two or all three here (www.aboutjatyler.com/index_files/Page326.html)

&, if that was not enough, this: mud luscious press is anthologizing; every one of our 4x4 chapbooks from inception through 2009 collected into one brutal and massive print edition. 43 titles in all. $15. releases 1.1.10.

pre-order your copy here (www.aboutjatyler.com/index_files/Page326.html)

& hey, while we are at it, want a little j. a. tyler ? you can now pre-order signed copies of both INCONCEIVABLE WILSON (scrambler books, 2009) & SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE (ghost road press, 2009).

get in early here (www.aboutjatyler.com/index_files/Page346.html)

hoping all of you are well.


j. a. tyler

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