Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just posted the new Spring issue last week and some of you may have noticed there are new names on the masthead, but most likely this is not true, most likely nobody noticed or gave a shit or is even gonna read this. But in case you do. Here's what's going down.

PETER SCHWARTZ is still our art editor. If you like the images you see on DOGZPLOT, thank him. He's the man.

JAMIE JONES is still doing poetry. So likewise, if you like what's she's doing why don't you send her some poetry stuff.

SAM PINK is gonna be doing interviews. His first interview, with MARY MILLER, author of BIG WORLD and LESS SHINY is posted now. So if you want Sam to interview you or you have a good idea for an interview shoot him an email.

BILL BISHOP-JAMES is taking over the non-fiction. He's an award winning humor columnist. So if you write real shit, give him a try.

LAUREN BECKER will be taking over the longer fiction. Her fiction is all over the place. Read it. Love it. Embrace it.

Huge thanks to all you guys for lending your time and energy and heart and soul. I appreciate it tremedously.

I will still do the flash fiction, 200 words or less. Bring it.

So that's that. Look for the 2009 flash fiction anthology this summer. We're planning a release party this summer in Atlantic City. More details will follow next month.

Thanks to everyone who continues to read, contribute, support, and spread the word. Keep doing what you're doing and God bless.

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