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Here's the info from DOGZPLOT contributor and friend ROBERT SWARTWOOD:

The rules are quite simple: write a Hint Fiction story and enter it into the comments section. You can submit up to two. Reprints? Sure, but please note where it was first published. Deadline is midnight April 30th.

Now for those of you asking yourselves what is Hint Fiction, check out the essay. Or, if you’re too lazy, Hint Fiction is anything under 25 words, title not included.

As a special treat, the one and only Stewart O’Nan — author of so many great novels, including Snow Angels, A Prayer For The Dying, Last Night At The Lobster, and Songs For The Missing — has agreed to be the final judge.

Here’s the process: Gay Degani and I will each pick our top ten and send them to Mr. O’Nan with the bylines stripped. As soon as he picks a winner, I’ll announce it here.

And what does the winner receive?

A $25 gift certificate to Amazon. Which basically works out to a dollar a word. Which, if you think about it, ain’t too shabby.

Wait — there’s more!

We are also running a second contest.

To help spread the word about Hint Fiction, we’re asking you to post a link to this contest on your blog or website. E-mail me the link of your post at rswartwood (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll write your name on a piece of paper and drop it in a hat. Once the contest deadline is reached (remember, midnight April 30th) I’ll pick a name out of said hat and that winner will receive a paperback copy of The Best Of Every Day Fiction 2008. (Which, if you think about it, ain’t too shabby either.)

All right, that’s it for now. Get writing!

***UPDATE: Barry Graham, editor of Dogzplot, has graciously donated a copy of Sam Pink’s collection I Am Going To Clone Myself Then Kill The Close And Eat It and a copy of Barry’s own collection The National Virginity Pledge to the final winner of this contest. Which means in addition to the $25 gift certificate, the winner will also receive these two fine books. Which means Barry just helped bump this contest into the next level. Thanks, Barry!***

So that's that folks. Additionally, the winner will receive a copy of KEN BAUMANN's STAMP STORY from ML PRESS. If anyone else would like to donate anything to the winner, please let Robert know. Thanks.

Here's the link:

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