Sunday, September 28, 2008


Pre-order Sam Pink's full-length collection:

"Sam Pink exists in all things. Sam Pink's tremor is threaded through the dark sections of scenes in the first Back to the Future, the sections we generally think of as 'night.' Sam Pink gored his way to the center of the child Russell Edson and ate all the beautiful / smart / wicked / fucked / riotous / smarmy / unconditional parts about him, then went to incubate and redouble. Sam Pink absorbed the passing souls of Andy Kaufman, Anton LaVey, Klaus Kinski and Shel Silverstein and fried them in his mother's blood. When Sam Pink emerged he wasn't crying, but everyone in the hospital was, tears of whiskey, liquid gold and smegma, and within seconds of his first breath, all our Bibles were ripped in half, prefiguring this book here, this tumor, this thing that should not have a name. It is no exaggeration to say now, with a mouth full of blood, that Sam Pink is dire, is hilarious, is chewing up our future."
- Blake Butler, editor, Lamination Colony; author, EVER.

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