Thursday, September 4, 2008



So I slept with the anthology last night. At first I was just gonna stick it under my pillow and let its brilliance soak into my brain, and I did, for awhile. But then I grabbed it and tucked it in beside me and gave it it's own place on the pillow. It wouldn't lay still. We sat up and watched reruns of Scrubs and drank 40's of St. Ides all night and passed out on the floor. Ahhhh good times. I woke up before the anthology did and reflected on the night we spent together. It was still erratic, beautiful, ugly, imperfect, I loved it all over again. You will too.

"I go to Dogzplot to find out who put the demon in the vestibule, the atom bomb in the kitchen. We need these stories now more than ever."
Kyle Minor, author In the Devil's Territory

That's right. I picked the DOGZPLOT FLASH FICTION 2008 anthologies up from the printers today and they kicked my ass the whole way home. A few of them jumped out of the box and beat the shit out of me with my four way crow bar, others where giving me a hand job. They're out of control. The anthology features work from:

Chad Simpson
Kim Chinquee
Claudia Smith
Elizabeth Ellen
Beth Thomas
Matt Bell
CL Bledsoe
Scott Garson
Aaron Burch
Dawn Corrigan
Stefan Kiesbye

...and so many other rock stars that its ridiculous, nuts, I'm telling you. Order it now. Paypal link is to the right. And if you are a contributor. I'm heading to the post office tomorrow. If you live by me. I'm saving the postage so I'll come see you over the weekend.

I just licked one of the pages. Imagine those magic candy balls in Willy Wonka.


Matt Bell said...

I can only hope I get the one you licked.

Can't wait to see it.

DOGZPLOT said...


i'll put that one up and make sure you get it. what days are you down at bowling green. im meeting kyle m in ann arbor for a drink, what you got going on?

Steven J. McDermott said...

I just sent you 8 bucks so get that sucker in the mail to me pronto!

Anonymous said...

thanks steve. you're the man

- barry

Rachel said...

I hope I get one that jumped out of the box and beat the shit out of you with your four way crow bar. Send the hand-job lovin' ones to Montana . . . or something . . .

Rachel said...

silly me . . . it occurred to me: you don't want to send THOSE to Montana! You'll be KEEPING them!!! Duh. :D

DOGZPLOT said...

rachel: indeed, you're a smart woman.