Tuesday, September 30, 2008



This is a new little something something in support of online journals and indie presses. Read the description from BLAKE BUTLER:

"HTML GIANT is a thing Gene Morgan approached me about doing, 'approached,' we wanted to do a website that focuses the indie press and online writing news in a central format, sort of like Pitchfork or Bookslut or Gawker for online writing and indie presses only, bringing the goods and becoming things, it will continue to become things, it will have internet writing related news outside of the big press related news blogs, things will happen, I will eat a sandcastle in my parents' basement,

We will feature writers and journals and such, if you have things to say about it there is htmlgiant [at] gmail [dot] com, I'd prefer no emails to my private email my balls are on top of the Sears Tower, I realized the other day that Gene is the dad of the internet, I will call him Dad from now on, there is a lot on the site already, we are going to slowly leak until we have eaten a conch shell the size of somewhere, more is planned and brimming, there are lots of good writers also blogging the news already, they wear derby hats in their room when they are writing, it is required, they must also wear translucent pants and cry a lot.

Please check it out and bookmark and get fed."

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