Monday, July 28, 2008


HOBART has just posted it's table of contents for their special games issue # 9. I can't fucking wait for this thing to come out... just to look at it, smell it, rub it on my face.. ok ok, I know... I seen Joe Wenderoth's name on there and went all Letter's to Wendy's.

That LTW's link is to a twenty-two minute recording of Wenderoth reading LTW's. It's from Download the fucker. Thank me later.

In addition to the print issue, they will also be featuring a corresponding online component similar to ones they've done in the past, sort of a virtual "DVD" bonus features, which includes: alternate endings, author interviews, sketches, etc.

Table of Contents

E.P. Chiew
Kim Chinquee
Bryan Furuness
Barry Graham (me, I know)
Stefan Kiesbye
Dave Madden
Mary Miller
Grant Perry
Jennifer Pieroni
Brandi Wells
Joe Wenderoth

Personal Essays
Mike Alber
Matt Bell

Jeffrey Brown
Lilli Carre

Roundtable Discussion
Ryan Boudinot
Jeffrey Brown
Paul LaFarge
John Roderick
conducted by: Matthew Simmons

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