Sunday, July 20, 2008


I can't blab such blibber blubber.
My tongue isn't made of rubber.

Mr. Know.
Now come now.
Come now.
You don't have to be so dumb now...

Try to say this,
Mr. Knox please...

Through three cheese trees
three free fleas flew.
While these fleas flew,
freezy breeze blew.
Freezy breeze made
these three trees freeze.
Freezy trees made
these trees' cheese freeze.
That's what made these
three free fleas sneeze.

Stop it! Stop it!
That's enough, sir.
I can't say such silly stuff, sir.

I miss Dr. Seuss. I'm going to the library and checking out all his books and reading them until I pass out. And then when I wake up, I'm going to write a masterpiece.

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