Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(this is what happened when I yahoo imaged 'rumpus')

Check out this interview over at THE RUMPUS. STEPHEN ELLIOTT interviews JAMES FREY. Here's a small piece:

Frey: I always wanted to write a book about LA, a big ambitious book. Nobody had ever really done it with LA- treating the city seriously as a major economic and cultural power, as the embodiment of 21st century America.

SE: It’s a monster of a city.

Frey: Yeah, in good ways, and bad. Dreams can come true there in ways impossible anywhere else, and they can get destroyed as well.

SE: The book is sprawling, kind of like the city itself.

Frey: By design. The city has no center, no single unifying place. The city grew and was built unconventionally, as was the book.

SE: The city operates as the spine of the narrative.

Frey: It’s a huge place, literally and metaphorically. Its beauty and horror. Its unconventional history. Its draw and allure. Its diversity and segregation.

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