Sunday, January 25, 2009


(Yeah, that's an Eastern Michigan University jersey. Ypsi, representing.)

Check out this interview with DAVY ROTHBART over at RUMPUS. ROTHBART is an Ann Arbor native, fiction writer, journalist, filmmaker, and mastermind behind FOUND MAGAZINE.

Excerpt from interview:

The Rumpus: Where are you right now and what are you doing?

Davy Rothbart: I’m holed up in my bedroom in Ann Arbor, logging videotapes of myself at age 20, holed up in the bedroom of another house maybe ten blocks away, bawling over a girl. The footage is somewhat pathetic but also really fucking funny. We’re gonna use some of this old-school home-video in My Heart Is An Idiot, a personal documentary I’m working on with my friend David Meiklejohn.

Rumpus: Before we get to my questions, Stephen really wanted me to ask you how you got two PhD candidates from Bulgaria to show up at a Jewish holiday event for the media elite? It was in Park City, Utah, and said candidates were “stunning women wearing cheetah patterns and four inch heels.” What was that about?

Rothbart: They were just friends of mine who live in Salt Lake. I did get in trouble for inviting shiksas to a Jewish retreat, though I don’t think Stephen minded.

Rumpus: Iverson or Hamilton, who should start for the Pistons?

Rothbart: I’d start Rip. Iverson off the bench, playing with the second unit, is still gonna get plenty of shots, and playing against other teams’ bench he’d be a complete viper.

Rumpus: What makes you tired?

Rothbart: Huffing epoxy glue out of Kroger’s bags.

Rumpus: Have you ever dealt with hecklers while on tour? What did you do about them?

Rothbart: Not too many hecklers, but on our Europe tour last fall, at a bar in England, an old drunk on the sidewalk started peeing on the window just behind the stage where me and my brother were. We brought him another beer.

In general, I always make it my mission to focus on the one person in the audience who seems to be absolutely miserable about being there and try to convert them.

Read the interview in its entirety here:

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