Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yeah, I know there is more in this anthology than just short stories, but nonetheless, it's an anthology that's worth owning. Here's the note from the publisher:

Dzanc Books is excited to announce plans to publish an annual The Best of the Web anthology series starting in 2008. This print anthology will compile the best fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that online literary journals have to offer in an eclectic collection in the manner of other broad-ranging anthologies such as The Pushcart Prize anthology, The O. Henry Prize Stories, and Best American Short Stories."

"The Best of the Web anthology will be the first comprehensive print anthology to represent the vast array of contemporary online literature on an annual basis, bringing the world of web journals to a greater audience. Nathan Leslie, Fiction Editor for The Pedestal Magazine, Editor-in-Chief of The Potomac, and the author of five short story collections, and will serve as the series editor. In addition, each year a guest editor will be selected by Nathan and Dzanc's publishers,
Dan Wickett and Steve Gillis. Nathan has sent emails to editors of every conceivable online literary journal, asking for nominations of what they consider their three best works by September 15, 2007. Nathan and the publishers will also be scouring for exceptional writing on the web. Nathan Leslie will answer additional questions from journal editors at Nathanlesliedzanc@yahoo.com."

"Though publishing online provides us the opportunity to present fiction free from economic imperative, permitting us, our authors, and our readers to relish in the experiment of expression, one of our great regrets is forgoing the sensation of binding it, printing it, holding the work we proudly select in our hands. Then along comes
Dzanc Books, and this gift of a book, Best of the Web, that feels, to us, like the presentation of an award."- Aaron Petrovich and Alex Rose, editors, Hotel St. George

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