Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PETER SCHWARTZ - the nowhere glow & amnesia diary

Please check out the latest chapbooks, THE NOWHERE GLOW (trainwreck press), and AMNESIA DIARY (Barnwood Press), from DOGZPLOT contributor and friend Peter Schwartz.

Complete chapbook description for The Nowhere Glow is
HERE. Ordering info is HERE

Amnesia Diary is part of the Great Find ebook series from Barnwood Press. It is available for FREE HERE.

"Peter Schwartz is a painter, poet and writer. He's also an associate art editor for Mad Hatters' Review. His artwork can be seen all over the Internet but specifically at:
http://www.sitrahahra.com/. He's had hundreds of paintings, poems, and stories published both online and in print. His last exhibition was through Aesthetica Magazine and featured a projection of his digital painting 'Terminal 4' on a busy street in York, UK. This December his work will be featured at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea." - Publisher's Note

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