Friday, January 7, 2011



1. New Orlean Saints vs. Seattle Seahawks

The fact that Seattle even made the playoffs is embarrassing. Last year's Super Bowl champions begin their run for back to back titles and should have no problem handling the Seahawks. Will it be a blowout? Maybe, maybe not. Seattle is a very good home team and the Saints have to come out west to play, where historically, teams that travel cross country don't always fair so well. So maybe not a blowout, but a solid beat down.


2. New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts

This should be a good game no matter what happens. I like the Colts for a few reasons. The Jets haven't been the hottest team coming down the stretch and the Colts have stepped their game up. Most of the Colts players that were injured this season are back and ready to go. Also, the Colts are at home, they are the defending AFC champions, and Peyton Manning knows how to win.


3. Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Mad respect for what the Chiefs have been able to do this year, but the Ravens are gonna dominate this game start to finish. The Ravens offense hasn't been as amazing and productive this year as most people thought, considering the talented editions to their offense, but that's not why the Ravens win in the playoff. Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are aging, but they are solid veterans who play lights out football come playoff time. Plus, the Chiefs aren't coming in hot, if they were I might give them a little better chance, but naa.


4. Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

This game is gonna come down to which Eagles team shows up and which Packers team shows up. Both teams have been pretty good, but sometimes inconsistent. I really like Mike Vick and the young, high octane offense they have in Philly, and I'm not sold on Aaron Rodgers' greatness. But, I think teams around the league have got the formula to shut the Eagles down. Neither team is coming in hot right now, but I think the Green Bay defense will find a way to get it done. Although they are playing in Philly and if the dominant, high energy Eagles offense shows up I'm gonna be wrong on this one, but I just don't think it's gonna happen.



1. New Orleans Saints vs. Chicago Bears

I'm not a huge Chicago fan, never have been. They play in a week conference and they can't beat anybody with a winning record. Are they the same Bears team this year that has a good regular season then lets their fans down in the playoffs? Maybe not, if they got the winner of the Packers - Eagles game, but like I said before, the Saints are the champs, and they are gonna handle the Bears.


2. Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

Sure, the Ravens know how to get it done with defense in the playoffs, but I gotta keep it real here. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL and they are playing lights out football right now. Score for score the Ravens can't keep up with the Patriots. Plus, New England is at home. 'Nuff said.


3. Indianapolis Colts vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

I gotta give a lot of credit to the Colts for even making it this far. At one point half their team was injured and they were sitting at 6-6. But, Jacksonville collapsed down the strecth and let the Colts sneak in one more time. But this is where their run ends. Pittsburgh just put up a ridiculous amount of points on the road against a division rival to finish out the season. Their defense in the playoffs is second to none. Pittsburgh should have no problems handling their business at home.


4. Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons

This is the game that may be hardest for me to pick. I know Atlanta has home field and they are sitting at the top of the NFC right now, but I just haven't seen them play this year. Too busy watching other divisions to pay attention to the NFC South. Only because I don't think Green Bay is playing their best football and because the Falcons are playing at home I'm gonna go with the Falcons here, but ultimately, I'm not sure it's gonna matter much. But, if the Eagles somehow beat Green Bay and they pick up some momentum and get that offense going, I think the Eagles have a shot, but as it stands, I like them Dirty Birds.



1. Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints

Although personally, I'm not a fan, I think my pick here is obvious. The Saints are the defending champs, and even though they don't get to play at home, they still get this game inside a dome where Brees can throw it around and run up the scoreboard. The Saints know how to turn it up in the playoffs and get it done.


2. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots

This game is another hard one for me. It seems ridiculous to bet against Tom Brady and the Patriots. I hope they can get it done, just like I hope the Eagles can get it done, but I just don't know if it will happen this time. The Steelers are used to cold weather so that won't be as big a factor as it would be with some other teams, plus if the old saying is true, that defense does indeed win chamionships, then considering the new, explosiveness of the Steelers offense, combined with their lights out defense...



New Orleans Saints vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

This is it. This is why we watch. Some may say that the scoring capability of the Saints, combined with last years Super Bowl victory, combined with the fact that they are playing in warm weather, means the Saints will find a way to neautralize the punishing Pittsburgh defense and get it done. But that's just not gonna happen. Consider two years ago when Pittsburgh played a red hot Arizona Cardionals team in the Super Bowl, who were putting up 30 - 50 points a game during the playoffs. And what happened. The Steelers shut them down. Just like they will the Saints.


Teams with the best shot of upsetting these picks:

1. The Jets may beat the Colts, but I don't think it will matter because they will lose in the next round.

2. The Eagles may beat the Packers since they are playing at home, and maybe with that momentum they can get passed the Falcons in the next round. But I think the fun would eventually stop when they have to play the Saints, but maybe, just maybe the Eagles will find a way to explode again. But even if that happens. They have no shot against the Steelers or the Patriots in the Super Bowl

3. Of Course, the Patriots can beat the Steelers and win it all.

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foster said...

Being from New Orleans, I love that you have the Saints going back to the Super Bowl. I don't much about football, but I like your picks!