Monday, December 13, 2010


“The Comfort of Dead Whales”Harper Hull (Fashionable Fiction Winner)

Harper's majestic, yet eerie story about a man, his wife, a secluded island, and the mesmerizing remnants of a whale carcass, has been crowned Issue #1's Fashionable Fiction Winner. Kristian Woodmansee, of Elusive Designs, did a wonderful job creating the shirt to accompany the fiction piece. Kristian's design captures a sense of simplicity and subtle darkness that we feel pairs nicely with Harper's work, and of course is just plain cool to look at and wear. Shirts are limited, but they are for sale ($12) at Elusive Designs. All profit derived from shirt sales will act as a donation to FIX IT BROKEN, so that we can maintain our goal of bringing you quality fiction and fashionable t-shirts.

“Beware the Carousel” – Matthew Dexter

“There Ain’t No Sin and There Ain’t No Virtue” – Zoe Alexandra

“Meat” – Neil Richter

“The Comet Train” – Robert Vaughan

“Salamonster, During D.C.’s Destruction” – Sean Lyman Frasier

“The Lunatic and the Tiger Shark” – Crystal Beran

“I Became an Old Couple” – Greg Gerke

“Her Heart is a Screen Door, Too.”- Ryder Collins

Two Collaborative Pieces by Barry Graham and Peter Schwartz

Special Thanks to John Dermot Woods for the wonderful cover art, and Elusive Designs for helping create a great first t-shirt. Thanks to everyone who has supported FIX IT BROKEN. We hope you enjoy the first Issue.


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