Saturday, April 17, 2010


Thanks to SALVATORE PANE and the folks at PANK for their fine review of NICOLLE ELIZABETH's THREADBARE VON BARREN. Here's a little piece of Salvatore's wise words:

"These pieces are story distilled to the very core and are almost too personal for narrative, too close to the surface to shape with illusions of form and structure. What we’re left with is a powerful rawness and urgency that only grow with each subsequent reading. Only then is the reader finally able to grasp the emotional gravitas at play."

Read the rest here:

Thanks to MARC SCHUSTER at the SMALL PRESS REVIEWS for his excellent review of PETER SCHWARTZ's, OLD MEN, GIRLS, AND MONSTERS. Here's a brain teaser:

"The monsters named in the title of this slim volume are humans — or, at the very least, what humans become when we let our demons get the better of us. Throughout the proceedings, Schwartz presents a host of lonely, psychologically damaged characters, all of whom seek comfort in the company of others yet, tragically, lack the capacity to connect in a meaningful way."

Read the rest here:

Both Salvatore and Marc pretty much nailed these reviews. Good shit guys. Thanks for your friendship and support.

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Kirsty Logan said...

Just thought I should mention that the Threadbare Von Barren review was actually written by Salvatore Pane.