Monday, August 24, 2009


Ampersand Books is making its debut with Do Something! Do Something! Do Something!, a novel from Joseph Riippi, and Under What Stars, poetry from Ryan J. Davidson.

The press release had this to say:

Like Roth’s Newark, Atwood’s handmaiden, or the most recent work of Joseph O’Neill, Do Something! DO Something! Do Something! conveys an entire people’s existential frustration in the wake of national crises.

With dirty prose evoking Johnson’s Jesus’ Son and a subtlety approaching Carver’s “Cathedral,” Riippi draws the collective tale of American uncertainty into a new millenium—the story of three young people searching for definitiveness and stability in an increasingly volatile and shaky homeland. A critic chants Sontag in a mental hospital; a playwright flees human shrapnel; a starfish tatoo endows a woman with newfound strength. do something!... is a story of great literary power.

Joseph was born in Seattle and lives in New York, where he’s finishing up an MFA. His other work can be found in The Brooklyn Rail, The Bitter Oleander, KNOCK, New Delta Review, Soon Quarterly, and Salamander.

Check out an excerpt at Ampersand Review

Pick up a copy here:!.html

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