Thursday, July 9, 2009


Thanks everyone for being extremely patient this summer while I make my move and get settled in. I'm starting to get moving again, which feels good. I started with going live with the SUMMER 09 issue. I will get busy reading the tons of submissions sitting in my inbox for the last month, so if you have something pending and you've experienced greater than normal wait times, I apologize, I'll get on it soon.

Many thanks to the editorial squad who have been busy making moves on my behalf. Everything looks excellent. A new page for non-fiction, humor, essay, REFLECTIVE DOG, has been constructed by the non-fiction editor, BILL BISHOP-JAMES. So check it out and send him some quality non-fiction.

Flash fiction, poetry, art, and interviews continue to be excellent, thanks to PETER SCHWARTZ, JAMIE JONES, and, SAM PINK. And the fiction this time around is bad ass. None of it will disappoint. Thanks to LAUREN BECKER for taking on such a huge task. She talks a little bit about DOGZPLOT and her role as fiction editor in an interview with PANK. Here's a little something something:

4. What do you enjoy most about editing?

I absolutely love reading an amazing first line that turns into an amazing story. The first issue I edited should be up any day now. They’re all great stories; some are breathtaking. Selecting each story gave me great joy as a reader and made me feel like I hit pay dirt as an editor.

Read the rest here:

So thanks to everyone who continues to contribute, read, and support DOGZPLOT. And thanks for reading this tedious, but necessary blog post, I just wanted to acknowledge the fine folks who keep everything going. Keep doing what you're doing and God bless.

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Lauren B. said...

thanks, barry. the whole issue looks great. you sucked up good and i'm almost not mad at you anymore ...

(have fun in pittsburgh. make someone take you to primanti brothers.)