Tuesday, June 2, 2009


New literary journal, KILL AUTHOR, seeking submissions. Here's their manifesto:


Imagination - Writing that burns with a desire to step out of the everyday and into its mirror image, and from there allows the reader to see something different and go someplace else.

Impact - Writing that knows how to leave the reader shocked and reeling, not necessarily just via the events the author is describing - anyone can labor over gruesome violence or explicit sex - but through the extraordinary power of the chosen words.

Individuality - There are too many writers aping the style of other writers, especially online. And far too many authors still want to be Charles Bukowski. We love Bukowski, but his work's been done. He did it all. We want writing where the author dares to explore the outer reaches of their own voice, and see where it takes them.

Invention - We're excited by writing that experiments with form and language. That doesn't just mean we're looking for all-out surrealism, though; we still value work that knows how to tell a story and take the reader from A to C via B. But it should make that journey in some extraordinary ways.

Check these guys out. I think this one's a winner:


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