Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Here is the link to the podcast from BEN TANZER's series, THIS PODCAST WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. He recorded it outside of the InnerTown Pub in Chicago during the CHICAGO QUICKIES reading series.

Just got back from Chicago. Lots of shit went down.

ROBERT SWARTWOOD announced the winner, finalist, and honarable mentions to the 2009 HINT FICTION contest judged by STEWART O'NAN. The winner was GARY A. BRAUNBECK. Congratulations. Check the list out here:

STORYSOUTH MILLION WRITERS AWARD top ten finalists were named. Congrats to JENNY WILLIAMS whose story, THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE, from LITnIMAGE's Autumn 2008 issue, was named in the top ten. Vote for Jenny here:

ANN ARBOR BOOK FESTIVAL was pretty bad ass. Heard ADAM MANSBACH read from his novel in progress. Good shit. He's on some magical realism smoked out hood time travel shit. Can't wait to read the novel when its done.

HOBART READING / WEEKEND / MAYHEM was bad ass. Huge thanks to AARON BURCH and ELIZABETH ELLEN for putting this thing on and putting people up. Too much crazy shit to mention it all. Poker was played, tattoos were inked, alcohol was consumed, food fights were fought, tall tales were told, books were praised / dissed, dinosaur extinction via testicular temperature was theorized, junkies fighting with butterfly knives, hottest boy in seventh grade keeping hand sanitizer in his locker, three mile walks, street bums playing the cello... shit lived up to the hype.

CHICAGO QUICKIES was out of control. All the readers were amazing. The INNERTOWN PUB where the event was hosted was amazing, the hosts for the event, LINDSAY HUNTER and MARY HAMILTON were amazing. All the folks who came out to show their support were amazing. I know. I know. Ran into some friends I only see when I'm in Chicago, which is never. Ben Tanzer and Simon Smith. Both cool ass mofos. Also met Geoffrey Forsyth. His chapbook from ROSE METAL PRESS is pretty bad ass, IN THE LAND OF THE FREE. I read it on the bus on the way home. Great great writing. He invited me to the Iowa Writers Workshop next summer. He was drinking heavily. I hope he still remembers when the drinks wear off.

BEN TANZER also interviewed me for his podcast series, THIS PODCAST WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It's not up yet but it will be soon and I'll provide a link if anyone is bored enough to listen to me yap. But then again if you are still reading this post this far. Ben, if you are reading this, the name I couldn't remeber is LYDIA COPELAND. Also, some drunk chick gave me a terrorist fist spear. If you don't know what that means don't feel bad, neither do I, and she was so drunk I doubt she does either.

Also met a cool ass guy named RYAN who lives in Chicago. His last name escapes me but when I remember it I will post it. He's a good guy who's worth mentioning.

Well that's all I got. I'm on my way to Philly then NYC for the ELIMAE reading at KGB. Should be a good time. Remember, if anyone has anything of any nature pending with DOGZPLOT, please be patient, I'm moving as fast as I can. I ain't forgot about you.

Thanks for all the continued support. Keep doing what you're doing and God bless.



fuck yeah son, good hangin out readin and killin. yeehaw

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You forgot Lydia's name?