Friday, March 20, 2009


I am leaving for New York in a few minutes for the 2009 SMALL PRESS BOOK FAIR in Buffalo. If you are close by stop in and say what's up. Or bring me a ham and cheese sandwich. Or stay home bored and watch college hoops. So far I'm 13 for 16 in my bracket. I picked Minnesota and Mississippi State in the upsets and it didn't work out, and I had California over Maryland, but the Terps pulled it out. Who saw that coming?


MICHIGAN STATE upsetting Louisville in the Midwest. I gave them the edge because the tourney is going down in MoTown and they get to play "home games" which can give them and edge to pull off an upset.

I have MEMPHIS upsetting Connecticut in the West. But that's not really an upset.

My most ridiculous pick is OKLAHOMA STATE making it to the Final Four in the East after upsetting Pitt in the third round.

NORTH CAROLINA is solid pick in the South, which is why I have them winning the whole fucking mess.

End result:

North Carolina 71 - Michigan State 68.

You heard it here first.

Also, if you have submitted anything and I haven't responded yet, I will when I get back. Likewise, if you've ordered something and it hasn't came yet, I'll ship it Monday. I know, I know, I'm a slacka lacka lack.

And finally. thank you SAM PINK for interviewing me for ORANGE ALERT and thank you JASON BEHRENDS for posting it on your site. Here's a small piece from the interview:

SP: here is another line i like: "i rolled over and unzipped my pants and pissed off the side of the couch onto an old sports illustrated and fell back asleep for three more hours." i think i would read that as a short story itself and put my hand over my mouth and say, "dang a lang." what is your favorite videogame?

BG: There have been quite a few times that the piss came out before the zipper came down, so I spent a night or two, alone in the corner, with my sweatshirt pulled down over my knees, but fortunately that didn't happen here. There are really only two videogames I've been able to get into, Zelda and Castlevania. I've called into work during 40+ hour benders on both games and I'd stop and my eyes would feel like sandpaper and I could smell my boxers through my sweatpants. I still managed to get good writing done during this time. I read in some article that the kid who wrote Barak Obama's inauguration speech did so on a 48 hour bender before it was due on Obama's desk and that he stayed up both nights smashing Monsters and writing snippets of the speech between Guitar Hero riffs. There is a lesson to be had here so find it.

Read the entire interview here:

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