Friday, June 27, 2008


"A Hybrid Type Literary & Visionary Journal for the Good of Creative Humankind"

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the debut issue of CELLA'S ROUND TRIP. The web design is amazing, the kind of design that leaves me feeling completely inadequate. The issue itself is gorgeous, the graphics, the art work, the writing, the obvious amount of TLC that was put into bringing this journal to life. Thank you to Rachel Hartley-Smith and all the other dedicated folks at Ball State for putting this thing together.

Go take a peek at what's inside

A few DOGZPLOT contributors and friends even found their way in, including CL BLEDSOE and PETER SCHWARTZ. There's even a few words from myself:

"2008 in online literary publishing seems like the 2003 World Series of Poker where an amateur player took first place and $1.5 million after earning his seat into the tournament (cost for a seat is $10,000) by winning an online poker tournament that only cost him $40. After that, Texas Hold’em poker exploded. It’s on at least three TV stations on any given day of the week, and any old knucklehead with access to a home computer can play and possibly win a million bucks. The number of WSOP contestants continues to rise every year. When will the bubble pop? I have no idea. Thus with online publishing, dot-coms, blogs, whatever the medium, anybody with access to a home computer can write something and stick it online, taking the gamble, hoping for the payoff, whatever that means to them. New online zines, journals, blogs go up almost every week and likewise, I have no idea when the bubble will pop and how it all will end, or transform rather. I’m not a trendsetter. I simply reshape existing trends to fit my own personal likes and dislikes and hope people dig what I’m doing."

Thanks again CELLA'S ROUND TRIP for an extraordinary debut issue. Can't wait for #2.

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