Thursday, July 15, 2010


Not sure if anyone still reads this but I just wanted to give people an update in case you are.

1. DOGZPLOT FLASH FICTION has been recently redesigned and we will be posting new flashes any day now.

2. DOGZPLOT LITERARY JOURNAL is currently down until further notice. After the MAGIC ISSUE (which is coming soon), we will be flash fiction only and will post new flashes as soon as we accept them.

3. THIRD FACE is a new lit blog featuring some pretty great contributors.

4. FOX FORCE 5 will be shipping soon.

5. If you send anything to a email address it will bounce back. Use for any and all things.

6. ACHILLES CHAPBOOKS are still going strong. PETER SCHWARTZ and NICOLLE ELIZABETH have recently released chapbooks. Check them out here:

7. Chapbooks from BEN TANZER and KENDRA GRANT MALONE coming soon.

Thanks for your continued patience and friendship. Word.