Wednesday, April 30, 2008

STORYGLOSSIA 28 - barry graham & heather fowler

STORYGLOSSIA 28 is live today. It is a special crime/noir issue guest edited by Anthony Neil Smith. Please check out my story THE CIGARETTE STORY and another, THE HUMMING written by Dogzplot contributor and friend Heather Fowler.

While you're there check out other great stories by Vicki Hendricks, Seth Harwood, Greg Bardsley, and others.

"These are the stories that reached inside and really held on. They were determined to be in this issue. And I can't help but oblige them. Maybe they won't be your cup of tea regardless of what side of the literary fence you're sitting on. But I've got no problem walking that fence like a tightrope, ready and willing to fall off over and over again before hopping right back up and tightwalking some more. It's exhilarating, hovering above it all, but not afraid to get your hands dirty when the time comes."

- from Anthony Neil Smith's

And if you're really bored, check out my story in the archives from STORYGLOSSIA 24, ON THE EDGE

Monday, April 14, 2008

STEVE GILLIS - temporary people

Dzanc says, "Dzanc Books imprint Black Lawrence Press is proud to announce the release of its latest title, Steven Gillis's Temporary People. Order Temporary People online at (don't mind that "Sold Out" status, the book is in stock and will be shipped immediately) or, or pick it up at your local indy bookstore.

As thoroughly dark and thoroughly humane as Vonnegut's apocalyptic novels like Cat's Cradle and Galapagos, Temporary People is a suspenseful tale about history, hope, oppression, and modes of resistance. Gillis's world is richly imagined, his voice is clear, and his plot is intricate, as is his moral. In fact, this novel seems much more interested in probing and dramatizing the deep philosophical paradoxes of revolutionary thought than in providing any pat answer. Here's a fable for our time, and for just about any other time you can imagine.
--Chris Bachelder, author of U.S.! Minimalist-cum-fabulist

Steven Gillis synthesizes nearly every Twentieth Century calamity from World War II to the Balkans to Desert Storm into this fable of the oppressed country Bamerita, which drifts about the seas unhinged from any continent. His idealistic and erudite hero finds his peaceful revolution thwarted and contemplates the holes in Gandhi's many aphorisms while his people are mutilated in grand spectacle on film. Temporary People is a vicious and compelling storyboard for our time.
--Jeff Parker, author of Ovenman

Check it out!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Just to give some additional information on the DOGZPLOT FLASH FICTION 2008 anthology. It is set to go to print in July 2008. All contributors will recieve a complimentary issue and can buy additional copies at the 50% reduced price of $4, which means, yes, original price is $8, $22 if you're Canadian, and yes, I know the current exchange rate.

The anthology will be a beautifully bound 5.5 by 8.5 paperback. Cover art provided by DOGZPLOT contributor and friend Jordan C. Brun.

The current list of flash fiction anthology contributors includes:

rosanna armendariz
ristaa abouradi-hoffman
bill barr
jane timm baxter
shaindel beers
matt bell
luis c. berriozabal
justin blackburn
cl bledsoe
aaron burch
david byron
zachary c. bush
yu-han chao
kim chinquee
jimmy chen
dawn corrigan
mikael covey
todd michael cox
angela davis
robert a. dollesin
verless doran
elizabeth ellen
heather fowler
scott garson
anne germanacos
barry graham
joseph graham
gregory heaney
joe holtaway
jamie jones
rebecca kanner
stefan kiesbye
jamie lin
michele matheson
kevin michaels
shayn nicely
j.r. pearson
brandon potter
andrew powers

erin pringle
misti rainwater-lites
gina ranalli
vita l. sacksby
peter schwartz
chad simpson
sarah smarch
hannah smart
claudia smith
simon a. smith
kim teeple
beth thomas
j.a. tyler
pablo vision
douglas watson
jan windle
amandine williams-abraham
deborah wood

If you're on this list, thank you very much for the contribution. Please email me at with the mailing address you wish your copy to be sent to. Again, thanks, this anthology is by you, for you, and without you, the writers, none of this would be possible. Keep doing what you're doing and God bless.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


KEVIN SAMPSELL of FUTURE TENSE PRESS will be reading from his new book CREAMY BULLETS (Chiasmus Press), at the SHAMAN DRUM BOOKSTORE in Ann Arbor on May 22nd at 7pm. Reading along with him will be HOBART editor AARON BURCH, and two contributors, MATT BELL, and me, BARRY GRAHAM. Really, it's on a Thursday and you ain't got shit else to do, so come check us out, it should be a good time.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A PECULIAR FEELING OF RESTLESSNESS - 4 chapbooks of flash fiction by 4 women

A PECULIAR FEELING OF RESTLESSNESS is a collection of four chapbooks: "three of them finalists and one of them the winner of the Rose Metal Press first annual short short chapbook contest, all revel in the succinctness of their form, the underlying tension anchored beneath each story of 1,000 words or less. These stories are peculiar; they resonate with restlessness. They are deft, they are gritty, and they are lyrical. Laughter, Applause, Laughter, Music, Applause by Kathy Fish, Wanting by Amy L. Clark, Sixteen Miles Outside of Phoenix by Elizabeth Ellen, and The Sky Is a Well by Claudia Smith (the reprint of her sold out chapboook) combine four multi-layered portrayals of beautiful uneasiness into a collection rich with wit, grace, and originality."
- publisher's note

“The four brilliant chapbooks that make up A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness are disarmingly, unabashedly intimate collections by women who know how to tell a story and aren’t afraid to drag the unspoken out into the light of day.” —Pia Z. Ehrhardt


Thursday, April 3, 2008

WIGLEAF - joe wenderoth, claudia smith, dawn corrigan

If you haven't checked out WIGLEAF already, please do so, it is an online journal dedicated to flash fiction 1,000 words or less, they also do audio and video recordings, one of which is from Joe Wenderoth, who's video recording My Life is up right now.

While your there, also check out flash fiction from DOGZPLOT contributors and friends, Claudia Smith, Shampoo Commercial and Scout Lantern, and Dawn Corrigan, Pink.

And finally, check out my story on WIGLEAF,
This Story is Not About Ham and Cheese Sandwiches.

There is also great stuff from: Darlin Neal, Pirooz Kalayeh, Leah Browning, Corey Mesler, and an interview with Quick Fiction editor Jennifer Pieroni